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You can buy my artwork on posters prints and gift items, and I make T-shirts as well.

The themes are varied, as my tastes are rather eclectic. I amfascinated by the green fairy of Absinthe and the bohemian lifestyle,corsets, & naughty vintage-style pin ups. There are also faeriesand other fantasy illustrations. There are gothic themes and a rathermorbid and strange sense of humor.  And then of course there arethings that are just weird and I am probably the only one to find funny;)

Other Featured Tees and Sundry  Things:

Wicked Pink T-shirts
Pink is the new Black!   Find pink graphic tees, retro tees,UNICORN t-shirts, symbol tees, monogram & zodiac t-shirts.

Gay Pride T-Shirts
Tees, bumperstickers, etc. for GLBT, friends, family & allies. Celebrate Pride Month or anytime.

Nurse T-Shirts
T-shirts, teddy bearts, buttons stickers totes and other gifts for nurses

Ballet T-Shirts
GIfts for ballerinas and ballet lovers

gothic postage stamps
Gothic Postage Stamps
Custom postage stamps with gothic themed art, for your dark themedwedding invitations , special events, or everyday use.  Real,mailable postage usable on domestic US mail.

Embroidered tees, hoodies and totes, as well as some accessories like shoes and neckties.

Ophelia's Gallery on Spoonflower
I heart Spoonflower so much!
My front page is eternally a hodge podge,, but you'll forgive me won't you? When in doubt, click on that nice big picture:

Ophelia's little Store
Ophelia's Art & T-shirt Shop
Thisis my online shop. My artwork is available on sundry t-shirts, posters,gift items and such.  It includes my Absinthe Art, Fairies,Corset & gothic art, along with some witty, sexy and terriblesayings.

I don't have time to upload it anymore, but here is my page about the Sims

My long neglected repository of artwork (some scans of corsetart & absinthe fairies) you are welcome to shift around the dust abit.
Gothic Lolita Fashion
I just like Gothic Lolita clothing stuff, so I made a little section for it.

Shakespeare's Ophelia
Many people wander onto thissite looking for the literary Ophelia (because of the name, you know) She's not what my site is about, buthere are a few links to get you going on this tragic heroine.

Ophelia's Random Blog
There's not much rhyme or reason to this section, I mainly just wanteda place to keep track of all the odd/random/interesting links I cameacross while I'm toddling around the intarwebs.

I love you!

I hate you!

Ophelia's Sims

Ophelia's Sims Page
Ophelia's little page about the Sims

Freedownloads for The Sims-- I'm afraid it's been ages since I've had timeto devote to it, but I still have a soft spot for the game. Though I doplan to leave this page up for as longas I can so I can sharethe objects and skins I made with other loversof the original Sims.

Created for the gothic, artistic and unique sims. Includes objects,clothing, walls & floors, Pre-Raphaelite & Waterhouse paintingsfor your game, spooky, witchy stuff, and of course some templates &tutorials to help you create your own.

Here are some pages from the "old" days of the first Sims I cut my teeth on. There are fewer live sitesevery time I look (but I will probably stubbornly check them until all the old haunts have disappeared), Hereare a few brave sites hanging in there. This list last checked fordead links 6/10/2009

Aroundthe Sims
Die Sims
EightDrunk Simz
ikbod's links

Other Sites:
Some of my artist friends.
Daniel Ouellette Singer &Songwriter
Patenaude Photography

Second Life:
Doesn't every ex-Simster have a second life? I hardlyever get to play, but I like my itty bitty property on the water. Youcan pick up a free virtual t-shirt , poster or Absinthe bottle objectand leave me a notecard if you ever stop by.
My place in Badger (SLURL)

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